Core Facility at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences


Core Facility at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at Linköping University is a research infrastructure and consists of several platforms that provide a cost-effective access to advanced instrumentation, training, consulting and qualified specialized services withing following areas: Mass Spectrometry; Flow Cytometry and CyTOF Mass Cytometry; Molecular biology; Microscopy; and Bioinformatics. Core Facility is a collaboration between the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and the Region Östergötland. Our specialized laboratories are equipped with unique, usually state-of-the-art, instruments and services, and managed by scientists with the technical expertise and research experience to help another researcher. Core Facility is open to all internal and external research groups.

Management and staff

Elena Vikström | Director of Core Facility |
Maria Turkina | Mass Spectrometry |
Annette Molbaek | Molecular Biology |
Åsa Schippert | Molecular Biology |
Vesa Loitto | Microscopy and Image Processing |
Maria Ntzouni | Electron Microscopy and Histology |
Mikael Pihl | Flow Cytometry and CyTOF |
Jörgen Adolfsson | Flow Cytometry and CyTOF |
Jyotirmoy Das | Bioinformatics |
Massimiliano Volpe | Bioinformatics |


Linköping University, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Campus US 


Core Facility, LiU

Steering Committee

Anders Fridberger, Chairman
Mathilda Björk
Tomas Lindahl
Karin Öllinger
Peter Söderkvist
Emma Rörby
Mats Lindahl
Joakim Alfredsson
Per Magnusson
Maria Sunnerhagen
Maike Bensberg
Elena Vikström

Other Resources


Name Role Phone Email Location
Elena Vikström
Director of the Core Facility
013-28 28 73
Building 420, entrance 64/65/68, floor 12, Campus US