Overview of Services

      Our core facility is very  well equipped for both analysis and cell sorting. We provides flow cytometry and related services to the entire bourgundy university research and student community as well as to others external Park area. A skilled staff provides help with acquisition of data, sorting, data analysis, and consultation for experiment design. Training is available to enable investigators and their staff to run the analytical cytometers themselves. A major part of our mission is to teach this technology to investigators, students, and staff. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about flow cytometry, if you want to know if you can use it in your research, how to design experiments, prepare samples, and/or how to analyze your data.

Data analysis is the responsibility of the investigators.  The flow facility makes available some software options for users, (Diva data analysis, FlowJO, ModFit).


       The technology of flow Cytometry is rapidly growing and highly technical.  Errors in sample acquisition and/or data analysis are common among poorly trained users and can lead to misleading and/or unreliable data. The facility staff are committed to providing training and education for all the facility users. Group training sessions are available and individual healp is provided whenever possible. Contact staff personnel for specific information regarding training sessions. Typically new users receive an orientation (two 1.5 hour session) to cover the broad scope of facility use and some specifics on the use of cytometers.

     Users that want  additional training or people new to flow Cytometry are encouraged to contact the staff for personal assistance during several data acquisition and analysis sessions before working extensively on their own.

    Finaly, one of the major long-term goals of the facililty is to collaborate with investigators in the development of new, leading edge applications of flow Cytometry.  Investigators are encouraged to discuss theirs ideas and/or needs with the staff and manager of the facility. Your core facility can explore for you methodological reseach. With this idea in mind, we develop a novel and cutting edge technique such as fluorescence  resonance energy transfert (FRET), to analyse macromolecular interactions between two proteins. 



Anabelle Sequeira, PhD Immunology, Flow Cytometry Core Facility Manager

Nicolas Pernet : Operator in Flow Cytometry Core Facility

Serge Monier : Operator in Flow Cytometry Core Facility



Location and hours of operation

Hours open Location


9:00am to 6:00 pm                     



The core Facility Flow Cytometry is located on the second floor
of the Medicine Faculty building in Bourgundy University,
and encompasses approximately 200meter square of space.
Room 237-240


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Name Role Phone Email Location
Anabelle Sequeira, PhD
Facility Head Research Ingineer.
237-240 room
Serge Monier
0380393467/ 0380396665
237-239 room
Nicolas Pernet
237-240 room